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An Cafe
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An Cafe
Welcome to an_cafe!!
About this community
This is a community for fans of the Jrock band, アンティック-珈琲店- (Antic Cafe). If it's about An Cafe, it's allowed here (with only a few simple rules!)

☆ Be kind and polite!
☆ All LC5 related posts must be posted to love_and_crash unless there is a direct mention of An Cafe.
☆ Media posts and request for media posts must be FRIENDS LOCKED. (this includes music, all forms of video, and magazine scans.)
☆ All posts MUST have to do directly with An Cafe. Please keep in mind the difference between a community post and a private post.
☆ Only one image outside the cut is allowed and it must be no larger than 500px by 500px.
☆ No fanfiction is allowed. Please see the FAQ for more info on this.
☆ Advertisements are allowed as long as they have to do directly with An Cafe. Please only advertise once every 4 weeks.
☆ Sales post are allowed, but if posting within the community please only include An Cafe items. If it's an outside link, as long as there is one An Cafe item, it is fine. In addition, you must include your own photos of the items as proof.
☆ DO NOT SPREAD RUMORS. If you can not say something without pointing to a reliable source, just keep it to yourself.
☆ Have fun!
phenphenny - main

If you have any questions, please message one of your staff members and they will help as soon as possible. We all have lives and can't be online all the time, but we will try to get back to you accordingly.
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