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Selling - Amadema Rock/Bonds/Harajuku DR/Natsu Koi GAME CD's

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Nov. 24th, 2015 | 12:09 am
posted by: reminiscing2004 in an_cafe

Hello, all. Selling some of my An Cafe CD's. They are all in really good condition and I encourage you to click the titles to view the imgur albums of each, to get a look at all of the packaging/quality.

An Cafe - Amadema Rock (2nd Press 2005 Limited Edition)
Original Price: 2500yen Selling Price: $10
An Cafe - Bonds ~Kizuna~ [OUT OF PRINT]
Original Price: 1200yen Selling Price: $7
An Cafe - Harajuku Dance Rock (U.S. EDITION)
Original Price: $11 Selling Price: $5
An Cafe - Natsu Koi GAME (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A)
Original Price: 1714yen Selling Price: $9

See full sales post here. Please PM if interested ^_^

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