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Aug. 15th, 2014 | 07:34 pm
posted by: phenphenny in an_cafe

Please Read This First!

★Paypal only!
★Prices include paypal fees, but not shipping & handling - please ask for a quote
★Priority goes to whoever posts/messages their paypal address first and can pay full price right away
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★I will not do holds
★I am not interested in trades
★Feedback can be found at my journal here (+32) and at eglfeedback here (+35)
★Please ask if you have any questions!

Hibiya on the o New Sekai Photoset

I bought this photoset brand-new from An Cafe's webshop (before it opened to international orders) just before Bou's last live.
This set is very rare, as they were only made in limited quantities! It sold out very quickly.
It is 100% genuine and in very good condition (minor wear on some corners, due to age).

$45 OR BEST OFFER + shipping (will be shipped in a photo mailer)

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